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Our Customer Partnerships

Saving Lives
Saving Time
Saving Money


Covid - 19

Helping the frontline NHS with their unique needs at a temporary mortuary at Southampton Airport.


" We built our system from the ground up to be exceptionally versatile and robust. This allows Luton Council to deploy the system in response to natural disasters like floods, to coordinate a full multi-agency response and set up relief centers. "


Luton Borough Council


" They allowed us to install a multi-agency communications network. Over and above the emergency services communications network, we were able to talk and task civilian partners."


Local Authorities

Working for the Community

Working with Luton Borough Council to make events in the area safer.

Live Arena's

In the Arena

Making live music, comedy, entertainment and sports more enjoyable for customers and staff alike

At the Concert

" We are pleased to be working with the Crest Planning and their team. We are always looking for ways to improve our operational delivery on events and this system brings a host of functionality that focuses on communication and staff engagement from all teams on all service delivery levels. "


Motorpoint Arena


" Event security needs to be smarter with a discreet presence, after all events are meant to make people smile and security shouldn't be a barrier to rewarding experiences "


CWC 2019

Major Global Tournaments

Cricket World Cup 2019

Keep players, staff and spectators safe at this six week event

Sporting Events

Royal Navy Skiing Championships


" With the high-volume of attendees and risk to injury from the nature of the sport, the system gave me peace of mind when dealing with the safety and management of the event"

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Royal Navy


" We found that the combination of both products provided an unparalleled understanding of shared situational awareness with all stakeholders and blue light emergency services on the same system, speaking the same language, making the event the safest its ever been since it started in 1976."


Luton International Carnival

Carnivals & Community Events

Luton International Carnival

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