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Joining the fight against Covid -19 to support NHS

Helping the frontline NHS with their unique needs at a temporary mortuary at Southampton Airport.


Covid - 19




Southhampton Airport

Saving Lives

The system supported the site access protocols to Southampton Airport. Each of the individual 500 logistics stakeholders was able to register their arrival and departure digitally, meaning they could transition through the dual barrier vehicle 'airlock' and get airside within seconds, instead of having to wait for approval. With the trust and confidence that the right people were accessing the site, due to the secure nature of the platform, improving the speed and integrity of the existing process.

Saving Time

By using a digital system to book delivery and collection slots, it saved time on wasted phone calls and journeys to collect or drop off when there wasn't time or space available. Likewise it reduced the administrative burden of having to locate the details of who was due to make a specific collection or drop off because everything was stored in one central system in an easy to locate place with time and date stamped entries.

Saving Money

Because it’s a digital system that everyone has access to, it removed the necessity for having to staff a helpline in a call centre. Saving countless £1,000's of pounds on wages of people who could be re-deployed to better purposes. It also created a brilliant audit trail and organizational memory which can be stored virtually and searched for detail and reference at any time in the future (subject to data retention protocols) reducing the need for paper storage space and the time spent in future to search that analogue system

The Project in Numbers


of pounds saved on wages


logistics stakeholders were able to register their arrival and departure digitally


minute rapid deployment


stake holders connected


Hear from our satisfied customer


Lieutenant Elliott Brown, Royal Navy and Hampshire LRF Military Planner, says of the system: “It allowed us to install a multi-agency communications network. Over and above the emergency services communications network, we were able to talk to and task civilian partners. At the command centre, a tactical picture of all tasking and delivery requests could be overseen allowing problems to be overcome when the operational solution failed. The provision of hardware to support the communication network allowed us to avoid using incompatible systems and users own mobiles where it wasn’t appropriate. Conversely the app allowed civilian users limited access to book delivery and collection slots. As a security management system, we were able to develop it into a logistics solution with little effort.”

Lieutenant Elliott Brown, Royal Navy and Hampshire LRF Military Planner



Multi-agency logging

Individual stakeholder personal platform

Organizer has a holistic view of all activity

Seamless integration

Dashboard filtering

Incident triaging

Persons of Interest

We are helping the frontline NHS with their unique needs at a temporary mortuary at Southampton Airport. The company’s world-class, multi-award winning, incident management software, has been deployed to co-ordinate proceedings at the mortuary. The C3i platform which specializes in command, control, communications and intelligence is being used to log 460 funeral directors, four hospitals, coroners office, Hampshire Police, Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Hampshire Local Authority and volunteers across the county. This has been a pivotal part of streamlining county wide logistics to connect all the currently disconnected systems and provide central oversight at the mortuary. Using the system’s multi-agency logging mode, usually deployed for major global tournaments like the Cricket World Cup or huge events like Notting Hill Carnival,  provided each stakeholder with a bespoke platform for their singular use that’s integrated with the overall project to provide a central system that the main organizers can oversee. The panacea of multi-agency control room systems, currently unique to our platform. Able to be deployed rapidly and set up in less then 10 minutes, the cloud based system has been the perfect solution for this large scale logistics problem.

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