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Helping keep the community safe

Working with Luton Borough Council to make events in the area safer.


Local Authorities





Saving Lives

Our app will be deployed across community events all over Luton and has already re-united over 10 missing children with their families, help disrupt gang activity by identifying members and seeing them dispersed for their anti-social activities and supported an armed policing unit stop a suspicious vehicle that drove onto an event site towards a crowd. When the vehicle stopped, the occupants ran but not before their images were captured and distributed via the platform. That's the difference an app makes.

Saving Time

When responding to a crisis, every second counts and the dashboards can be created and deployed in less than ten seconds. Perfect for any emergency planning team.

Saving Money

All community events in Luton will be able to use the Local Authority license and this means every event, will get the same opportunity to access world leading safety and security technology without having to worry about budget. Keeping the citizens of Luton as safe as possible at every event they go to.

Hear from our satisfied customer


Luton Borough Council’s Civil Protection and Business Community Manager, Pritesh Mistry, says: “We bought Zims after seeing it in action at Luton International Carnival 2019 and at the Ashes Test match at Edgbaston last summer. We were really impressed with the various features, especially the way that all aspects of an event/incident are logged, ready for reporting post-event. We also liked the fact that we can restrict what different users can see – so that the overall picture can be maintained by the control room, and individual users are not bombarded with constant information.”

Pritesh Mistry, Luton Borough Council’s Civil Protection and Business Community Manager

The Project in Numbers


missing children reunited




second deployment


multiple uses including public protection and emergency planning



Multi-agency logging

Individual stakeholder personal platform

Organizer has a holistic view of all activity

Seamless integration

Dashboard filtering

Incident triaging

Persons of Interest

 We will be used at various Luton events including the International Carnival and VE Day Celebrations on 8th May and the Luton mela, which attracts over 40,000 people across two days in August. The app will not only be limited to use at events but also in an operational sense for day-to-day use with the borough’s public protection teams, including emergency planning, parking, licensing and neighborhood enforcement.

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