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ZIMS pairs with the Royal Navy to keep their personnel safe

ZIMS partnered with the Royal Navy Winter Sports Association (RNWSA) to help them with incident management at the Alpine Championships 2020 that were held in Tignes, France.


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Saving Lives

During the Royal Navy Winter Ski Championships there were several injuries reported,, however the most significant involved a Royal Marine, a competent skier, out with friends who suffered a serious injury with internal bleeding. Our system was used and thanks to its automated incident position via the mobile app, the location of the casualty was precise and immediate.

Saving Time

Our system eradicated the need for an often 45 minute average search time, allowing for a casualty to be extricated safely and evacuated by helicopter to the nearest hospital. When you're seriously injured, every second counts.

Saving Money

The efficiency of the system is beneficial financially. Cutting search times down means helicopters or other emergency vehicles aren’t in use for as long. Productivity is also dramatically improved as fewer staff are needed policing areas where incidents may occur.

Hear from our satisfied customer

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“With the high-volume of attendees and risk to injury from the nature of the sport, the Zims system gave me peace of mind when dealing with the safety and management of the event. Entering incident information made it easier for us to follow-up with our MoD mandatory requirements and simple things like Daily News and event program changes were also used by us within the Zims app. Having the ability to produce a report of the event will also come in handy for incident statistics and checking our current Risk Management plan to propose any future changes.”

Lieutenant Commander Richard Stephenson, RNWSA’s Alpine Championships Director

The Project in Numbers






life saved


of pounds saved



Multi-agency logging

Individual stakeholder personal platform

Organizer has a holistic view of all activity

Seamless integration

Dashboard filtering

Incident triaging

Persons of Interest

The Royal Navy Winter Sports Association (RNWSA) recently partnered with Crest Planning to use Zims as its incident management platform at the Alpine Championships 2020. The award-winning event safety system was integral to the smooth running of the event which was attended by 800 people from across the Royal Navy as well as sponsors and partners who helped with event delivery. The Alpine Championships 2020 held in Tignes, France between 11th and 25th January, are one of the highlights of the Royal Navy’s sporting calendar and are also one of many adventurous training opportunities for Royal Navy personnel. People from across the services are invited to test their skills on the snow, from complete beginners to the experts of the Royal Navy Ski Team. Around 100 incidents and tasks were recorded on the Zims system which connected the ski instructors, event organizers, medical team, hill team and other partners on the same platform. This meant the response to medical incidents was significantly improved with accurate location reporting and swift sharing of incidents across the platform, for greatly safety. Reducing the need for numerous WhatsApp groups, phone calls and spreadsheets and created a central comms platform for the benefit of everyone, for the first time, for a wide range of issues.

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