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ZIMS supports a 10,000 capacity venue

Zims is making live music, comedy, entertainment and sports more enjoyable for customers and staff alike.


Live Arenas





Saving Time

Since deployment, 1,000's of requests have gone through ZIMS from stewarding and security teams reporting spillages and the local policy, when one is spotted, is to stand over it until it's cleaned to prevent injury and letigious claims. Because an incident can be reported in less than 5 seconds, with a photo, and without the need to wait on the radio to report it, it goes straight to the cleaning team who can respond immediately and submit a further photo once its done - in less than 5 seconds. 10 seconds admin per spillage, no waiting on the radio and less time stood around. Fully recorded and photographed with time and sate stamps.

Saving Money

Because the ZIMS System doesn’t just replace the spreadsheet in the control room with a website, and it puts an app in the hands of everyone involved in the event, it connects all the disconnected teams in a way no other system does. Having FM, Security, Stewarding, Housekeeping & Medical all on the same system means that audit trails have become fast, simple, robust, and exist in places they never did before. Saving money on insurance premiums for the stadium and reducing legal payouts from spurious injury claims because they have the evidence to defend them.

Saving Lives

A safer, cleaner, more enjoyable environment means that the customer journey is enhanced in many ways. Countless 1000's of automated requests for toilets to be refreshed, suspicious people catalogued and reported to partner agencies, a vital, digital solution to disrupt hostile reconnaissance with signage throughout the building re-assuring all visitors that handheld devices are in use for everyone's safety.

The Project in Numbers


attendees and counting


incidents across 68 events


incidents on average per event


seconds or less to report an incident


Hear from our satisfied customer


Stephen Chaston, Head of Operations, at the Motorpoint Arena adds: “We are pleased to be working with Halo and ZIMS team. We are always looking for ways to improve our operational delivery on events and ZIMS brings a host of functionality that focuses on communication and staff engagement from all teams on all service delivery levels. “With real time reporting it allows our key managers to make well informed decisions that have a positive impact on customer service and event safety, that we hope our customers see in the experience they receive when attending the venue.”

Stephen Chaston, Head of Operations

At the Concert


Multi-agency logging

Individual stakeholder personal platform

Organizer has a holistic view of all activity

Seamless integration

Dashboard filtering

Incident triaging

Persons of Interest

ZIMS streamlines security procedures at events giving staff complete control and real-time, shared situational awareness from their own virtual command station. From enabling security staff to report and view incidents on their phones to showing incident locations to security staff so they could respond in a timely fashion, the app is integral to the safety of everyone involved in events. The Motorpoint Arena Nottingham has a 10,000 capacity and hosts the biggest names in music, comedy and sport from Disney on Ice to Little Mix, The Vitality Netball Nations Cup 2020 to the Winter Olympics Qualifying Games.

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