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No one gets caught out when our app is involved

Kept players, staff, and spectators safe at this six week event. 


Major Global Tournaments



1/11/2018 to 31/07/2019

UK Wide

Saving Lives

The ability for information, intelligence and images to be shared, immediately, amongst police, security, stadia, hotels and team transport was a game changer. By pro-actively and legally targeting and successfully disrupting the minority of people who set out on criminality activity the whole tournament was safeguarded. From sponsorship rights being protected against ticket fraud, or counterfeit goods, to more serious offenses. All disrupted because of the platform.

Saving Time

Allowing someone at the operational sharp end to take a photo and submit it to the central unit, in seconds, and then to have that shared tournament wide straight away if needs be saved valuable time each moment of each day and cut through the need for the submission of paper forms or e-mail. Also the ability for key decision makers and team leaders to then record their decisions, again, in real-time and have those time and date stamped created the perfect audit trail.

Saving Money

The provision of the system cut down dramatically on post tournament compliance and auditing measures because of the powerful reporting tools and analytics in place within the system. The requirement for all security team members to log in, every shift, at every hotel also meant that the tournament had reassurance they were getting the right number of staff they were paying for - tournament wide.

Hear from our satisfied customer


Jill McCracken, director of tournament safety and security at the Cricket World Cup, said: “Event security needs to be smarter with a discreet presence, after all events are meant to make people smile and security shouldn’t be a barrier to rewarding experiences. “It allowed me to keep my security plans discreet yet offered me the oversight to see what was going on across 10 cities at the same time. The app was a superb choice for the Cricket World Cup 2019 as it was so flexible, we could tailor it to our requirements, it was also secure, fast and reliable.” Tim Hogan, Intelligence Manager at the Cricket World Cup said: "I wanted to just touch specifically on the point about data extraction. Often this is overlooked with the focus on getting information in to the system in the first place. However, you are clearly not getting the fully benefits of a tool if the data is difficult to get out again to do anything with it. I was able to have some input in to the data extraction functionality of Zims and found the end result user friendly and a great aid for analyzing the available data. Really set them apart from other available options at the time. When comparing different solutions don't just look at your short term needs, but consider how this data may be used for longer term trend/pattern analysis later. How is the data structured?, how easy is it to export? and what does this look like? I find often this isn't covered in demos and you run the risk of ending up with 'all this data that I don't know what to do with' as I recall an operation manager saying to me previously. Not considering this at the start can lead to many wasted man hours trying to make this work later on!"

Jill McCracken, Director of Tournament Safety and Security at the Cricket World Cup

The Project in Numbers











Multi-agency logging

Individual stakeholder personal platform

Organizer has a holistic view of all activity

Seamless integration

Dashboard filtering

Incident triaging

Persons of Interest

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup saw 48 matches take place across 11 UK venues with 10 teams taking part over six weeks. Over 1m attended and worked at the games and countless more attended the fan zones. It attracted a TV audience of 1.6bn viewers. Our platform was used to keep everyone attending the event safe along with protecting the team from hostile actions at their hotels and during coach trips to practice venues throughout the tournament. All close protection teams, residential security teams, hotels, cricket stadia and police forces used the same intelligence platform for the safeguarding of everyone involved in the event.

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