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Making Luton International Carnival the safest it's ever been

Zims contributes it's support to event management of the largest one day carnival in the UK


Carnivals & Community Events



2018 onwards


Saving Lives

Zims also captured vital visual evidence that showcased the risks to the parade prior to it setting off so the Safety Team could make their best decisions to mitigate risk and get these problems fixed ASAP and before putting anyone at risk. In Year 2, the highlight was Zims being used to share an image of a male who was wanted by police and seen on site, the image circulated to all staff meant that police had instantly increased their capability to find the male and he was soon spotted by a Zims user at the side of the main stage, they guided police in and an arrest was made, successfully removing this violent individual from the community event.

Saving Time

Zims means speedy incident reporting in less than 5 seconds, therefore fast assistance implementation. Having an overview of an event with multi-agency logging allows for complete situational awareness. By connecting security, stewarding, local police, St John Ambulance, Traffic management, parade management, event organizers and more on one platform Zims kept communication rapid and productive.

Saving Money

Luton International Carnival deployed our system across 100 different users, connecting all functional areas into one platform. Early on in Year 1 we quickly identified that a traffic management company had not provided all the staff they said they would and this left junctions un-staffed, barriers not put out and exposed the parade to some significant risks. Zims documented these risks with evidential images and the lack of staff logging into the app and the sheer number of dangerous occurrences reported meant that the traffic management company lost their contract for the following year. By exposing 'ghosting' in this way Zims saved the client more money than it cost them to deploy due to them not having to pay the balance to the traffic management company who'd failed to deliver the staffing promised in their contract.

Hear from our satisfied customer


"We used the Zims team to support us with the delivery of the Luton Carnival 2018. We made use of their Crowd Tension Indicator and their Zims Event Management Software. We found that the combination of both products provided an unparalleled understanding of shared situational awareness with all stakeholders and blue light emergency services on the same system, speaking the same language, making the event the safest its ever been since it started in 1976. The system is incredible value for money and even saved us money in some areas. I would highly recommend Zims and their innovative products and services."

Hopeton Walker, Chair, UK Centre for Carnival Arts

The Project in Numbers




re-united missing persons


emergencies ZIMS assisted with


incidents reported



Multi-agency logging

Individual stakeholder personal platform

Organizer has a holistic view of all activity

Seamless integration

Dashboard filtering

Incident triaging

Persons of Interest

Luton International Carnival is a fantastic annual one day carnival celebration in Luton, Bedfordshire. Currently the carnival will be celebrating its 43rd year and has over 140,000 revelers hitting the streets to celebrate. Luton Carnival is the largest one-day carnival in the UK and the second largest carnival overall, second only to Notting Hill Carnival. Luton International Carnival is commissioned by Luton Borough Council and artistically produced by UK Centre for Carnival Arts. Luton International Carnival is a one day family event. It is a zealous day celebration that is about embracing multiculturalism and celebrating some of the cities cherished cultures. Luton International Carnival features international music, dance, artistry and traditional cuisines.

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