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The Future of Safety

The world's most intelligent incident, task, and operations management platform

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Maximum Safety.

Maximum Simplicity.

Maximum Connectivity.

Our mission is to achieve the highest levels of public safety, harnessing the power of technology. We love events and public gatherings just as much as you do, our goal is to help make them as safe as possible. 

The Benefits

Saving Lives
  • We've won awards for helping save lives at events, pin-pointing locations for swift medical intervention.

  • Share critical information to any user in seconds. 

  • Confirm the right number of people are in the right places.

  • Connect your disconnected control room tools for deeper insights and improved safety.

Saving Time
  • Simple & fast incident reporting. 

  • Intelligent mass communications at your fingertips.

  • Location-tracking and geo-fencing gets to the correct place, fast. 

  • Mobile app means no more waiting for airspace on radio. 

  • Automated reports and audit trails without lifting a finger.

Saving Money
  • Combine over ten systems into one.  

  • Capture data digitally, more quickly, consistently and accurately. Removing paper forms.

  • Detailed reports to reduce insurance claims and premiums. 

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks. 

  • No more ghosting or no-shows. Have the insight to know who is on-site.

All in one

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