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Safe Event Scheme as official partner

We're delighted to be the Official Partner of The Safe Event Scheme. The new scheme's logo is a simple way for people to recognize sporting and cultural events that have been planned, produced and managed safely and responsibly.

It is even more of a privilege to join right at the beginning and play our part in supporting the scheme from the very outset. This is an incredible concept that we can see going from strength to strength and one which will, without doubt, become the standard that events are proud to associate with. There is nothing else like this for the events industry and it's one of those superb initiatives that can only benefit everyone and do some real good.

Safe Event Scheme Project Lead, Carl Thompson, says: "We are delighted to welcome ZIMS as a partner. They offer a global-leading solution aimed at improving crowd safety at events. Through creating greater efficiencies and effectiveness in operational management, the events sector can mitigate its historic reliance on civil resources. This empowers a more responsible and sustainable industry.

"We are working with ZIMS to help further develop the Safe Event Scheme resources and accreditation process to ensure it meets the needs of local stakeholder agencies, such as councils, city halls and safety advisory groups. Our vision is for the Safe Event Scheme to offer these critical partners with an assured and efficient means of evaluating the safety arrangements for events held within their jurisdiction."


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